For years our company has been at work for the future.
A future made of innovation, growth but above all respect for the planet.
Technology has made huge strides and we try to run with it.
The direction we have taken is increasingly in the perspective of circular economy, reduction of consumption, minimization of waste.
We are committed with constant efforts and towards the future, for our sake, for the system and for the generations to come.
These machines are proof of where we want to go.


Finishing Utility Technology Using Robotic Engeneering

by Barnini

The tanning process is a very complex and specialized system which requires experienced and high-level manpower in specific skills.
Although craftsmanship is fundamental, there are some phases in which manpower is superfluous as the operator simply performs a purely manual function, feeding the process lines with leather, taking it from the chain. Where manual dexterity is truly essential, it is at the exit of the process line where a quality control is carried out as well as the handling and handling of the leather.
The robot with innovative tool allows to unload the hides loaded from the chain on a Barnini spraying system with two cabins.

All leather

Reproducibility, total control, increase in production and decrease in fixed costs.

Additional information
We are the first in the world to have invested in an automatic robotic handling system for overhead chains where unskilled labor is superfluous and non-essential, obtaining the result of reducing fixed costs and mobilizing the role of operators in the tannery avoiding strenuous work and unsatisfactory.

Additional description
This new project was born from an idea that seemed impossible and visionary: for the most skeptical, for those who say it is impossible, for those who cannot see the future and are satisfied with the knowledge of the present.

Long-term goals thanks to the purchase
Enhancement of human resources in jobs where high specialization and professionalism are required and an increase in production. The robot can work 24 hours a day 365 days a year for which there is a high optimization of energy consumption in the case of continuous shifts.


by I -TECH

Automatic product dosing system of extreme precision and speed. The system manages 72 different circuits with the respective dosing valves and this allows to prepare the quantities needed for the spraying systems in a short time. The system is equipped with precision scales and conveyor rollers automated by the latest generation software.

Finishing department

Additional information
The machinery allows the traceability of the batch of the chemical product used for each production. This allows the company to provide all the necessary information to the customer in light of the implementation needs of a chemical inventory required by the ZDHC certification.

Long-term goals thanks to the purchase
Precision, automation, saving of resources, safety and guarantees of high quality of the finished product as well as transparency and traceability.


by A.M.C.

We recently completed the BOTTI department with 5 drums for production and 4 for samples and small batches, all in polypropylene.
This high quality material is suitable for innovative processes that would be impossible to manage with classic wooden drums.

Used for the retanning and dyeing process.

Fluid action on the grain, easy cleaning after the dyeing process, the possibility of changing the color between one cycle and another, but above all the possibility of performing sustainable free metal processing difficult to obtain with classic wooden drums.

Long-term goals thanks to the purchase
Implementation and increase of free metal retanning and dyes that meet the customers’ sustainability needs.