Kanabo is the new line of biobased products for tanning use created using products derived from natural hemp seed oil. It recovers agricultural processing waste, transforms and keep unarmed products from the drainage of polluted land; treats, helps and protects our planet, fueling the circular economy.
Our Kanabo articles are produced with tanning agents, biobased acids and polymers without glutaraldehyde or phosphone.

It is therefore a new metal free line that does not contain:
– chrome
– aluminum
– iron
– titanium
– zirconium
– glutaraldehyde
– phosphone

From hemp to leather

The items obtained achieve the same characteristics in terms of softness and flexibility of leather tanned with traditional chrome methods with enormous benefits for health and environment, especially since products such as glutaraldehyde or phosphone that are usually used in free metal tanning are eliminated.
So what are the advantages compared to vegetable tanning?
The items of the Kanabo line have no limitations in color development and have a soft hand for any kind of leather goods and footwear.
Kanabo products have a bio-sustainable and environmentally friendly tanning also thanks to:

Reduction up to 70% of water in the tanning phase

Total elimination of sulfuric acid

Increase of Biodegradability