Recycle is (even more) beautiful.

Recycled panels are the result of an ambitious Tuscania project in terms of Sustainability and Circular economy.

Our panels are produced with wasted parts and rejected leathers from customer or our leather production.

They are very resistant thanks to the high level of fibers and the natural latex that holds the fibers together.

We sell them in “panels” of dimensions 158 cm x 1 mt and is using to treat them as a genuine leather skin.  Recycle panels can be embossed and finished as a standard item.

The panels are printed and finished as a standard item of the “Tuscania Stampati collection”.

The available color chart was created based on our “ELEGANT” article, very similar to art. Millennium of our Stampati. The final appearance can be glossy or matte/rubber.

Art. ELEGANT can be made in all crocodile textures according to your needs.
All the “Recycled” panels are suitable for footwear and leather goods.


Material: recycled panels of leather from production waste
1.1 / 1.3mm
Average area:
1.58 sqm
by spray
Semianiline, hand stained, shiny finishing
Suitable for:
leather goods and footwear